1. Investigate the role of ...>

 2. Develop and evaluate ...>

 3. Produce a theoretical ...>

 4. Understand the impact of ...>

 5. Develop an interactive system ...>

 6. Investigate CPS process: ...>

 7. Investigate the emergence of ...>

 8. Examine the use of visual ...>

 9. Implement interactive design ...>

10. Investigate End-User- ...>

11. Explore creative processes ...>

12. Explore methods of knowledge ..

13. Develop design methodology ...>



Host institution: The Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal
Lead supervisor: Álvaro Mendes Barbosa: abarbosa AT
Researcher: Nicolas Makelberge

Explore creative processes in collaborative music composition and develop tools for supporting them

Research on musical practices mediated by computer networks departs from work carried out over the last decades in the field of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). CSCW provides us with acoustic communication mechanisms that can support long-distance collaborative music practices, such as, composition, performance, improvisation, interpretation or education. Creativity studies play a major role in determining the facets trough which a musically expressive communication system can be modelled to provide an effective shared acoustic space.

The project investigates the impact of technology on musical collaboration among remote users working collaboratively, while exploring both the limitations and affordances of technology on group creativity. Thus, it investigates methods that reduce the disrupting effect of network latency in musical communication, some of which have been previously developed and tested at UCP. In addition, the project explores affordances provided by the technology, such as increased social awareness of participants’ activity, e.g., social presence and its impact on the creative outcomes, enrichment of the communication and composition processes by Log analysis of musical products over the duration of collaboration.

The project aims to provide an understanding of computer-supported collaborative music creativity. In particular, it aims at developing prototype systems for supporting collaborative music practices.