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Balder Onarheim
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Balder Onarheim

Educational background:

Industrial Design and Management Achievements:

2002-2003: Best student, Norwegian Army Officer School
2005: 1st prize, Porsgrund Porselen Design Contest
2005: 1st prize, Design Contest 2. year, Oslo School of Architecture and Design
2007: 2nd prize, Venture Cup Oslo
2007: 1st prize "Form and Expression", AHO Works (Oslo School of Architecture and Design)


Norwegian Industrial Designer educated from Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Experience within product design, entrepreneurship, leadership, teaching and life-enjoying. Employed by Copenhagen Business School, Department of Marketing.

PhD subject: Information management in Creative Design.

Title: Handling multi-level input in creative engineering design.

Project description: In complex engineering design projects, designers are faced with several types of information that should be taken into account in the design process. This can be statutory requirements, branding values, marketing information, technical aspects, user specifications etcetera, with variable degree of importance to the final result (often graded Must, Should, Could). The creative design challenge is to combine all these considerations in an optimal way, satisfying all stakeholders. The research project will investigate how designers receive, collect and organize such information, and how they integrate the information in their creative design process. The final project report will result in suggested tools to support such integration.